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Digestive health

Product Review (submitted on June 11, 2019):
I just received one of your bottles of pet CBD, specifically the one for digestive health. My German Shepherd weighs 85lbs, and I was informed to give just one capsule daily, I gave him his first dose last night and actually saw a slight improvement from the lethargic pup he had been in the hours previously. This morning I gave him another dose, and within a half an hour he was standing up quicker and ready to chase the ball. (He is still pretty sick, but I’m amazed at the improvement I am seeing so quickly after administering him a capsule). I was curious if you think with his weight and how sick he has been (he was vomiting and now has had loose stools for about a week, he’s very dehydrated and has always had gut issues, he also had parvo as a pup. I didn’t think he would even survive thru the day yesterday) if I can give him more then one capsule daily? I’m not sure what mg daily a dogs system can handle. Thank you very much for your time, hope to hear from you soon.